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The American Spring Football League, INC (“ASFL” or “League”) is a professional spring football league in the United States. We anticipate that the initial years of the League will feature 4 teams throughout the State of Texas, AND 4 MORE teams in neighboring states.

With future League expansions planned for the Northeast in year two, and the West Coast seeing expansion in year three.

The ASFL has a simple yet unique plan which is completely different than that in the current marketplace and being attempted by others. 


The ASFL will follow American style rules, with the exception of several new rules to professional football.

The ASFL plans to encourage individual teams to choose its own two charities to which it wishes to donate twenty-five cents of each ticket price.  This decision is to be made by the team owners before the beginning of each term and will be a season-long commitment from the team to the selected charities.  the teams are tasked with their own selection process and further encouraged to work alongside the non-profit groups they have selected with ongoing promotions throughout the season.

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