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New season, new offensive line

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

The American Spring Football League will be a professional spring football league.

Operating in the off-season of Fall football, we expect regular season games to begin in February (after the Super Bowl) and end with a Championship Game on the first weekend of July.


“As a critical part of the ASFL platform, our mission statement and goal is not only to bring professional spring football back into current times.”

This time frame allows football fans a professional outlet after Fall football has concluded its season. We are planning to remove any potential conflicts between the ASFL and Fall football. The ASFL will operate as a stand-alone professional entity.

According to the NCAA, every year only about 1.6% of college football players make it onto a Fall football league roster.


“As a critical part of the ASFL platform.”

The ASFL understands that operating a professional sports league is not an easy undertaking. One of the main focuses of the League office will be to help take away some of these tasks, expenses, and hardships from each franchise so they may operate more effectively.

As mentioned before, other than the League entrance fee for each team, the ASFL will allow a 5% revenue share on all merchandise and annual League dues for each team which is yet to be determined. To assist with League expenses as well as some franchise expenses, the League is moving toward revenue opportunities and partnerships in sponsorships, advertising, and exclusive rights broadcasting to help alleviate some of the burdens that teams may occur throughout the year.

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