innovative new rules

The ASFL has a simple yet unique plan which is completely different than that in the current marketplace and being attempted by others. The ASFL will follow American style rules, with the exception of several new rules to professional football, such as:

1. A field goal from 55 yards or more will be worth 4 points.

2. One foot inbounds for a reception.

3. Inside the two-minute warning ONLY, If the offense has the lead it must run a play that gains forward progress, or the clock is stopped until the ball is snapped again.

4. Inside the two-minute warning, the clock will stop until the chains are moved for first downs.

5. If a Challenge is called and lost, A time-out will be awarded to the other team. (ONLY 1 TIME OUT PER HALF)

6. PAT's…1 point for a kick from the 15-yard line, 2 points for a run or pass from the 2-yard line or 3 points for a run or pass play from the from 9-yard line that gets in the end zone.