Q : Where will the main office for the ASFL?

A : The home office for the ASFL will be in Texas although the exact location is yet to be determined.

Q : How many teams will the ASFL have to start the first season?

A : Initially, the ASFL plans to start the 2020 season with six to eight teams.

Q : How many players will be on an ASFL roster?

A : Each ASFL team will consist of a 43-man roster.

Q : How will ASFL teams get their players?

A : The ASFL will hold a 16-player territorial draft, followed by a League draft.

Q : Will the ASFL hold combines?

A : ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! The General Manager and Director of Player Personnel for each team will obtain individuals via the draft. Players will be invited to team tryouts by Invitation Only and will NEVER be asked to pay for a tryout with any ASFL team!!!

Q : Will the ASFL games be televised?

A : Yes. All ASFL games will be televised. We are currently in discussions with several networks that are interested

Q : Will the ASFL be single entity?

A : NO…it definitely will not be a sole entity!!! The ASFL will have individual team owners.

Q : When can I buy ASFL merchandise?

A : The ASFL shop will be open soon. Keep checking back on our website for that announcement!

Q : Is there an age limit in the ASFL for players?

A : Yes, all players must be at least 19 years old for the opportunity to play professional football for the league while earning income.

Q : Is the ASFL a developmental League?

A : No, No, No…the ASFL is not a developmental league!!! This is a stand-alone professional Spring football league.