The American Spring Football League (ASFL) is a stand alone professional Spring Football League that will begin play in 2020. In planning and research for over 5 years, Michael Dwyer, the founder of the ASFL, and his team have spent countless hours putting together a plan that will ensure long-term success of the league. The ASFL has studied previous Spring and alternative Football leagues, what worked and what didn’t, to put together a league that will have the optimum opportunity to succeed. The league will operate completely outside of the tradition Fall football league model, with games beginning in early March, culminating with a championship game in July. This schedule will ensure optimal benefits for our players and fans. The ASFL is organized as a sole business entity with teams owned and managed by individuals or groups. Ownership will have operational and creative control of their teams with assistance from the league office for marketing, merchandising, advertising, and business affairs. Furthermore, the team owners will have input in setting league rules to create the most exciting product possible.

We are aware of the challenges other startup leagues have confronted in the past. We believe our plan, consisting of a set number of teams in a regional geographical area, will lower expenses for team transportation and other costs that decrease potential profits. We already have media outlets which have expressed overwhelming interest in presenting the ASFL to the public. For instance, Bob Golic, a long time NFL great and current broadcaster, is looking forward to hosting our Pre- and Post- Game shows. This league is about the fans. It’s pure, hard hitting American Football that will connect to our communities offering reasonably priced tickets, allowing families to comfortably attend the games. Moreover, the ASFL is committed to giving back to the cities where each team is based. Building an entity for the long-term which will last generations takes time, careful thought and planning, and a vision. It’s more than Hype, more than promises…It’s just real American Football!